What is the payment method?

You can pay with most debit and credit cards through the Paypal platform. No payment information is stored on our servers.

We only work with priority shipping, so that you have your products as soon as possible, for shipments to the USA and Canada and the rest of America we handle DHL Priority shipping of $ 7.49 and for EU DHL Priority for $ 9.49, with free shipping for those shipments above the USA, Canada and the rest of America for a total of $ 42.99, and for the EU for a total of $ 49.99, for all this check availability during payment.

Usually it will arrive within the next 48 hours after the order arrives, depending on the time of the order, you will be able to have the tracking code to know exactly when it will arrive at the door of your house. For this, you can check the shipping time at the time of payment, which may vary due to holidays and some uncontrollable delays related to transport.

We only have Fresh items and as we do door-to-door shipments in less than 48 hours we make sure that our products reach you without problem.

Yes, of course, we guarantee total satisfaction in our purchase, we ask you to contact us by any of our means.

When you place an order at Gaucho Food, you are paying for the selected items, their shipping and insurance. If applicable, local duties or taxes at destination are unpaid. It is the responsibility of each buyer that the selected items can be shipped to the intended country according to local laws. If you need help, we are happy to assist you.